Manufacturer Highlight: Ranpak Paper Cushioning Systems

Manufacturer Highlight: Ranpak Paper Cushioning Systems

Deciding on the best void fill solution for your application can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. But, knowing how each solution works to protect your product can be a big benefit to the decision making process. There are positives for paper, bubble, foam, and air pillows, but today’s post is all about paper void fill in the form of Ranpak cushioning.

Ranpak has been around for 46 years and is the leading manufacturer and innovator of kraft paper cushioning and void fill. Their machines have been perfected over the years and their cushioned pads can be found protecting anything from auto parts to cold food in smaller one-pack-line set-ups to variable items found in major e-commerce retailers operating across the world. The versatility is endless, and here are the reasons why.

Renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable

Ranpak’s goal when they first opened in 1972 was to create the first environmentally responsible packaging material to effectively protect products during shipment. Ranpak is made from virgin and recycled kraft paper which gives it extra strength when it comes to packaging your materials and makes it 100% recyclable. Other cushioning paper that is made with higher percentages of recycled content tends to flatten and tear easier due to weaker fiber structure. Paper with higher rates of recycled content also have an increase in rejection at the recycling center due to higher rates of contamination within the product. Ranpak uses clean, unaltered processes so the paper will biodegrade in the correct environment in as little as three months. The paper also ships in flat, compact bundles so it uses less freight space to get from point A to point B versus other forms of cushioning.

Low thermal conductivity for temperature sensitive products

The thermal conductivity of paper is very low. That means it won’t transfer temperatures easily; keeping cold products cold and hot products hot while shipping. This is an important factor for the rapidly growing business of grocery shipments and food box subscriptions. Creating a dependable thermal barrier is essential when shipping other products which could be impacted by extreme outside temperatures like pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetic products, and more. Ranpak has done extensive research on which of their options is best for temperature-sensitive products. And, based on the application, they can show real data about how your product will perform in the elements.

Paper absorbs shock versus transferring it to your product

The versatility of paper is really never ending. Paper cushioning has a high energy absorption rate which means less of that energy is transferred to your product if dropped while in transit. The proprietary paper folding techniques Ranpak has developed in its cushioning line of options have proven to be very successful across a range of items from ceramics and crystal to auto parts and light bulbs. The higher the shock absorption of the cushioning, the safer your product is while being jumbled around.

Automation to increase productivity

Ranpak Automation utilizes three primary components in adaptable configurations to customize a solution based on your needs. AccuFill® provides detailed void information using state of the art sensors to ensure the appropriate amount of paper is dispensed to fill the void without waste. The Autofill® converter eliminates hands on operation allowing for continuous filling of voids. The AutoTaper® provides the fastest auto taping solution in the industry. This allows companies to increase productivity and better plan and budget for material usage. It also frees up workers for other parts of production.

Key Takeaways

  • Renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable
  • Effective cushioning for heavy or light products with multiple pad configurations for ultimate versatility
  • Variety of packing techniques with the same pad for customers shipping a variety of packages
  • Unused packaging stores flat, saving on transportation and warehouse space
  • Consumer-friendly packaging when shipping temperature-sensitive products
  • Full automation available for advanced packaging lines

Whenever you are on the search for a new solution in your packaging line always ask your packaging expert what sets the products apart and how it will positively impact your packaging process and your end-user’s experience.  If you aren’t using Ranpak yet we encourage you to give us a call to schedule a free demo or free trial. During the demo and/or trial we will show you best practices when wrapping your products based off industry standards and allow you to try the equipment to see what you do and don’t like. We’re confident there will be more that you do like by the end!


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