Upgrading to a Battery Operated Strapping Hand Tool

Battery operated hand strapping tools are one of the most common productivity boosters we see at customer locations. It is easily implemented and operators see the benefits instantly. But, for a manager who may not be in tuned to the benefits the face value might seem hard to justify. Let’s take a look at what we see out in the field across warehouses.

The Application

When companies ask us to evaluate their production lines for areas of improvement the first thing we ask in strapping scenarios is how often a load is being strapped or bundled per hour, what size is the load, and what is being strapped. This tells us if there is room for increased productivity and safety and what solutions can bring those goals to fruition

Frequency of Strapping

If a customer is hand strapping a load more than two times an hour or strapping a load has become cumbersome for operators due to the physical effort involved it is time to look at a battery operated hand tool. We have even seen customers that can’t keep buckles in stock or use so many of them that battery operated strapping tools save costs overall from decreased downtime and a decrease in material costs.

Mobility Considerations

When hand strapping loads mobility is always key. Whether an operator is going down a line, traveling across the work area, or staying in a centralized spot the ability to work around the load is considered. Battery operated hand tools allow operators more flexibility on the production floor and are easily calibrated to the item being strapped.

The Price

On average our customers get a positive ROI within a couple months of purchase due to eliminated buckle costs and increased productivity. We also see an increase in morale amongst operators. Lastly, operations managers are able to work cross-functionally with their safety departments in a meaningful way to highlight the addition as a positive safety protocol for less recordables. Oftentimes customers can apply for grants through their insurance providers to pay for equipment like this as well.

Colony offers a large array of battery powered strapping tools and strapping machinery. Our team looks at your overall goals, budget, and production floor setup to recommend solutions to meet your overall expectations. Check out our options here and read more about strapping here.